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Tantra practices for deeper intimacy and bliss magic

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Why this course?

In the modern age many couples spend their evenings in bed more connected to their cell phones than to each other. Intimacy and presence within a relationship has become more of a luxury than a necessity. Symptoms from lack of connection include feelings of unfulfillment from not being deeply seen, heard, touched, feel loved, or held.

By using simple Tantric techniques and principles it is possible to cultivate more presence, meaning, pleasure, and intimacy in a couple’s relationship and within in their daily lives. While also developing inner alchemy for spiritual progress.

This Orgasmic Breathing course offers the education and opportunity to step into expansion of the breath, energy, and orgasmic (blissful) state. By following this course you can develop a stronger sense of acceptance and freedom within your body and allow your partner to do the same. These practices work to move sex out of the physical body and into sacred states of bliss. Sexual perspectives will shift to become less about achieving and performing and more about experiencing sacred states of union and heighten pleasure together.

The methodology learned in this course is applicable beyond what is practiced in the bedroom. These Tantric principles are a catalyst for holistic transformation within your inner world, lifestyle, and outer relationships.

"Orgasmic breathing is a method to bring forth inner bliss in you and your relationship. It’s a powerful tantric ritual based on yogic principles of sacred sexuality, breathing and energy practice"

What you'll learn:

5 Tantric principles to share with your partner, this course will provide a wide range of skills from how to touch and stimulate one another to how to step into more awareness together. These practices can be used in the bedroom and in everyday moments of your relationship.
Discoveries within yourself and your partner, you will learn interpersonal techniques to better understand, listen, and communicate to yourself and to your partner. This exploration allows for more connection and insight within one another.
Expansion of pleasure and sensation, by using the methods provided in this course you will improve the quality of your breath and learn how to become more energetically synchronised with your partner to be able to experience heightened states of orgasmic bliss.
Sharpening of intuitive skills, these Tantric tools will help you get to know yourself and your partner on a much deeper level. You will become more familiar with your own inner landscape so that you can clearly tune in to feelings and voice of your own intuition. This offers more clarity and insight in all areas of life.
Opportunity to step up into a sexual relationship that is more giving, balanced, and meaningful this course is a roadmap providing the lessons and skills to upgrade your intimate relationship with your partner to move into a powerful union.
Perfect for:
Couples, both beginners & advanced students

Course program

Module 1: Introduction to Orgasmic Breathing and Tantra
This module will set the foundation for your journey throughout the course. You will be given guidance on how to approach these practices and learn how to create a sacred space for your exploration.
Module 2: Fundamentals of Breath
Breath is one the most important elements in the Orgsmic Breathing Tantra Course. You will be supported in learning ways to improve your breathing and be given instruction on how to utilise the breath to generate bliss within the body and mind.
Module 3: Coming Back Home
The practice of slowing down creates a more authentic and stable environment to share with your partner. This module will highlight an assortment of meditation techniques and elements that will enable more presence within yourself and your partner.
Module 4: Becoming Aware of Energetic Body
Tantra practices awaken the energetic body in which it becomes more fluid and alive. In this module you will learn how to become more aware of the subtle body and how to work with it to connect to deeper blissful states.
Module 5: Exploration of Touch
There are many different types and preferences of touch. You and your partner will explore various ways to give and receive pleasure. This module focuses on methods and areas to touch your partner and how to consciously communicate your desires.
Module 6: Deepen Connection Through Tantric Union
Tantric Union is one of the most powerful connective experiences. This module offers the technique of Yab Yum, manifestation within union, and other Tantric rituals which can be used to strengthen intimacy together.

Your instructor

Instructor Satya

Satya, throughout the last 20 years Satya has explored different modalities of healing, meditation, and eastern philosophy all around the globe. His journey began within interest in martial arts and continued studying in areas of Zen Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Energy healing, and Tibetan Buddhism. It led him to study with many different high lamas and yogic masters in the Eastern and Western World. He found deep roots and connection within the Oneness University programs and spent many years serving as an active trainer in their courses.

His awareness of energy started from a very young age. Satya remembers effortlessly being able to put people into meditative or states of sleep. This caused his fascination and development with energetic work to growth. As he became more dedicated in his practices the energetic body opened up and the became more skillful in working with energy. Today, he actively performs energy clearing and releasing sessions that bring people into transcendental states of bliss that many people have never witnessed before. These sessions allow for one to experience greater states of consciousness, bliss, infinite love, and so much more.

This course was created to share his lessons from his lifelong studies in this work. He hopes to offer you more awareness, connection, and deeper love throughout your journey in the Orgasmic Breathing Course.

Satya 🙏🏻

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions people ask me all the time. If you ever have any other question, you can easily reach me. Just send me an email, I'll generally get back within 24 hours.
Who is it for, and what can this course do for me?
This course is for you, if you and your partner are looking for ways to build more intimacy and create deeper meaning within your life. This course offers instructional techniques to experience more freedom, acceptance, and bliss within your relationship.
How does the course work?
After enrolling in Orgasmic Breathing Academy, you will be prompted to make a log in with Teachable to have instant access to the course. The course builds a foundation of Tantric principles and offers guidance through 8 different experiences to share with your partner. You can spend a little or as long on each practice and rewatch them at any time.
How long will I have access to the course?
Once you have purchased you will have infinite access to the course and all course updates. You can do the course at your own pace and come back to it at any time.
Will this course help develop my meditation practice?
Yes, absolutely. Many of the modules in Orgasmic Breathing are meditations in themselves. Each lesson allows the participant to slow down, become more present, and strengthen their focus to achieve more meditative states of bliss.
How is this different from other Tantra Courses?
The journey through this course offers experiences through intimacy practices without sexual intercourse. Orgasmic Breathing uses breath, energy, presence, and connection to experience blissful pleasure.
How does payment work and is there a refund policy?
A one-time payment will be accepted using credit card or PayPal payment. There is a 10 day refund policy if you are not satisfied with the course. You can contact for further questions.